Controllers for the heavy lifting industry

One of our customers, internationally active and specialist in heavy lifting technologies, is using our products for almost 20 years already. Since then we kept improving our products to make them more efficient. In these 20 years we have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise within the heavy lifting industry.

Due to the big successes of our products in practice, we decided to bring them to te market.

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YourControl Telemetry products

To satisfy the market needs, the YC family of telemetry modules based on the GPRS technology for wireless data transmission is developed. The MT telemetry modules log automatically onto the GPRS network after power up, and then, without external sequence of AT commands, execute the required functions defined by the user with intuitive software tools. The YC modules quickly won the recognition all around the globe.

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What makes YourControl special!

Improve assembly times significantly!

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More than 30 years of experience

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