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When GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) services were introduced to enable packet data transmission in GSM environments, the fast progress in mobile telephony by voice and SMS technologies changed. The barrier for GPRS technology applications in the professional telemetry systems was the lack of devices with multiple specific capabilities.

The most universal design is the YC 3GPLC with embedded functionality of GSM/GPRS modem, PLC, data logger and transmission protocols converter. The MT telemetry modules log automatically onto the GPRS network after power up, and then, without external sequence of AT commands, execute the required functions defined by the user with intuitive software tools. The YC modules quickly won the recognition multiple countries worldwide.

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YC-EMPLC SMS/ E-mail transmitter

The YourControl YC-EMPLC telemetry Module with built-in GSM modem is a device dedicated for remote monitoring, diagnostics and control of objects via short text messages (SMS/e-mail) or CLIP calls. Configurable messages sent from device with static (text) or dynamic (text and measured values) content are a convenient way of passing important information to the monitoring center, or directly to the defined phone numbers. SMS and e-mail messages sending can be triggered by change of binary input state, reaching alarm thresholds, marker state change, counters and clocks. Industrial design, practical set of I/O resources, easy to use software tools as well as the ability to configure the module from remote via SMS commands are significant advantages of YC-EMPLC in the wireless telemetry systems. Direct connection of temperature sensors lowers the cost of building system. 1-Wire inputs can be used for reading typical Dallas pellets for the purpose of identification and authentication.

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YC-3GG GPRS/3G gateway with Ethernet port

The YourControl YC-3GG module has been designed for wireless integration over 2G/3G network of various remote devices (e.g. measuring units, PLC controllers, I/O stations, operator panels) equipped with serial port RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet port. With compact, robust design, attractive technical features and easy to use configuration tools this gateway is an optimal solution for demanding wireless telemetry, control, diagnostic, surveillance and alarm systems. The module is equipped with 3G modem andcan be optionally produced with MIM (Machine Identification Module) soldered to PCB replacing or backing-up standard SIM card. It can be powered from DC voltage source (18 – 55 VDC) and additionally it is equipped with an intelligent charger designed to manage external SLA backup battery.

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YC-3GPLC HMI - mobile controller

TMT-151 HMI V2 is a family of new generation telemetry controllers for demanding tasks and applications. MT-151 HMI V2 model is a professional, industrial design combining functionality of programmable logic controller, data logger, protocol converter and wireless communication interface for GPRS packet transmission over GSM network. Dual-SIM technology ensures superior level of GSM network availability, providing redundant channel of data transmission. Ethernet port provides powerful capabilities of integration with other devices and systems of the user.

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YC-DLG meter and datalogger

YC-DLG is a new generation of battery powered measuring, logging and transmitting device. Like other modules of MT family the module is a cutting edge design characterized by advanced innovative solutions, easy to configure and integrate with data collecting and processing systems. The spontaneous on event-based or scheduled data transmission helps to minimize energy consumption and transmission costs extending battery life time. Simple compact design in plastic enclosure with IP-67 protection makes the module ideal for harsh environment with no power lines (eg. water supply control wells and chambers). Integrated replaceable battery set may endure even for 10 years of operation (lithium batteries in conjunction with power saving configuration). Battery voltage is continuously monitored and reported along with measurement data. YC-710 is equipped with 5 binary/counter inputs (adopted to work with potential free contacts) and 3 analogue inputs allowing measuring of parameters like pressure, temperature, level etc. Keyed voltage source powering analogue inputs for measurement interval only and binary outputs capable to control power supply of external sensors in conjunction with deactivation of GSM/GPRS modem reduces energy consumption to absolute minimum.

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