The Proxo

High-end wireless (4-fold) remote system

Simultaneously controlling of up to 16 nodes

The Proxo wireless remote system is a failsafe high-end control system with a very modular architecture. The system is very attractive if you need a highly reliable fast and programmable control system with several nodes (up to 16).

Wireless redundancy (4-fold)

The Proxo uses 2 different frequencies 868/915Mhz and 2.4Ghz, both dual. The system uses proactive channel hopping, which means the system is continuously monitoring on both frequencies which channel can be used best.

Short and optimised control loop times

We optimised the wireless system for short loop times.

Full colour 7" touchscreen

We use a very high contrast 7” full colour capacitive touchscreen, with hardened 3mm thick glass. The screen is sunlight readable and uses daylight dependent brightness control. The screen works with industrial gloves, has hand palm rejection and is suitable for multitouch applications(10 fingers).

Application development

With the usage of the API you can easily program your own application using C/C++. For the GUI you can use TouchFX.

System components

The central component in the whole system is the Proxo Wireless Remote. Each node has it’s own receiver and antenna.

Receiver module

The receiver module is very intelligent and can be seen as fully functional controller. It has several IO’s and is fully expandable.