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When you are active in the heavy lifting industry you are probably interested in our products. We have distinguished ourselves for more than 30 years within this market with our products. As a result, we know exactly what issues are at stake in this market. In addition, we know from experience which safety requirements must be met and what reliability is expected from our products.

We offer a system with distributed IO that consists of several products. The system is easily scalable, making it suitable for use in both large and small environments. We only show our standard products on our website. Products can be adapted to specific applications upon request.

We have a team of 15 qualified engineers on board who can develop customer-specific solutions. Adjustments in the field of both hardware and software can therefore be done effortlessly.

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Adjustments are possible on request

Industrial remotes

Our indstriual remote is designed for industrial environments in which reliable connections are neessary. The remote transmits information wireless and simultaneously throug two different routes. This makes the remote very reliable.

The proxo is optimized in the following areas: dimensions, vibration resistance, temperature range, installation time, connection options, energy consumption, cost price, moisture resistance and delivery continuity.

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YourControl Main Module

With our YourControl main module you can control multiple in- or outputs. This gives you the ability to make the control of your indusrtial proces easy. Many cables are saved and the modules are easy to assemble. Software updates can be centrally updated and the number of IO in- and outputs can easily be expanded. This allows you to significantly shorten your assembly times.

You can use one of our wired touschreen or our wireless remote to connect with this YourControl main module. You can also connect the module with a raspberry pie or a normal PC, this makes the module easy to integrate in almost every proces and easy to control.

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The Antenna

The Antenna is the receiver module in The Proxo System. The Antenna can be used to make a wireless connection between the YourControl Proxo Remote and the YourControl Main Module. The Antenna uses two different radio bands for optimal connectivity. One radio uses the 2.4GHz band and the 868 or 915MHZ band, depending on the country in which The Antenna is used.

Due to the long industrial cable The Antenna can be positioned in an optimal position for each application. The cable is a data and power connection cable. When more wireless radio range is needed The Antenna can be used as an repeater.

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A great 'real world' example of a project in which our products are applied: The Tjernobyl sarcophagus

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