Extra products

This are the products you can add to the system for extra optrions

The Antenna

The antenna can be used to make a wireless connection between a remote (Proxo) and the wired control unit. The antenna is an active intelligent antenna. For optimal connectivity the antenna is using two different radio bands. One radio on the 2.4GHz band and one on 868 or 915MHz band (depending on used country). There is no RF (Radio Frequency) power loss due to longer cable lengths. The data to RF (Radio Frequency) conversion is made in the antenna. The connection from the main control electronics to the active antenna is a data and power connection cable. By the use of an industrial data-bus a long cable can be used (10-20 meter) so the antenna can be positioned in an optimal position for each application. When more wireless radio range is needed the antenna can be used as an repeater.

  • Multiple frequency bands for diversity and world wide deployment
  • Industrial RS485 cabled connection. For long connection cable and optimum antenna placement
  • Wide input power range
  • Industrial temperature rating. -40°C to 85 °C
  • Integrated 32 bit processor
  • IP65; Enclosure Dust and watertight