Our story

Where dit it start?

YourControl is part of a engineering company based in The Netherlands. The main activities of this company are innovating existing products and guiding customers with a completely new development. In the past 30 years this company gained a lot of technical knowledge and has been succesfull with multiple projcets.

We are housed in a modern building where we have acces to an extensive range of instruments, a warehouse and plenty office space. From this location we can supervise the production, carry out the final assembly and do the final quality check.

The YourControl system is one of the projects we started developing for one of our customers 20 years ago and this customer is a satisfied user of the system ever since. In the past 20 years we did several improvements to make te system even more reliable.

Beceause of these facts we have a lot of confidence in the system and the quality of it. That's why we've decided to bring the YourControl system to the market so it can prove its value for more companies.


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